Bible study is at the center of all that we do here. We believe that studying God's Word leads to lives being transformed. Grab the book (and your girlfriend) and get the tools you need to fast track your spiritual growth! Classes are located on the 3rd floor of the Lighthouse building. Questions? Call Mimi Youngblood at 903.525.1141


This Summer we will be offering a different Bible study each month! These studies will be offered online as well as in person on Tuesdays!
Tuesday 9:30-11am
Tuesday 6:30-8pm

Childcare is provided, but will close 1 week prior to the start of that months Bible study!

The Jordan River Rules

God intends for you to go forward. Everything so far in your life―including your Red Sea moments of crisis―is simply God’s preparation for stronger days ahead. Perhaps you’ve survived your own Red Sea experiences because of God’s help. Now it’s time to move onward toward all the promises He has given you―the Promised Land of a rewarding future.

The same God who led you out will lead you on.

The Jordan River Rules is written by Robert J. Morgan and will be taught by Debbie Stuart.

You can purchase your book (not study guide) here or here.

This study will be offered on Tuesdays May 3rd-24th.

May 3- Rule 1 & 2

May 10- Rule 3, 4, & 5

May 17- Rule 6 & 7

May 24- Rule 8, 9, & 10

*Please read the chapters prior to Bible study day

The God That Comes Near

In just 38 verses of this short book, we are reminded of truth that is timeless. We are urged to fix our gaze on the Lord, to find our hope in His Word, and to find hope in His name. The book of Haggai is a call to worship and a reminder of the faithfulness of our God.

The God That Comes Near is written by The Daily Grace Co. and will be taught by Debbie Stuart.

The God That Comes Near Bible study book will be included in the $5 cost of registration.

This study will be offered on Tuesdays June 14th-28th.

Psalm 119

Psalm 119, the longest chapter in the Bible, is a song about God’s law and the psalmist’s desire to obey it. In this three-week Study Book, we will join the psalmist in his song of delight, and we’ll reflect on the joy that is ours as women in the Word of God every day.

This study is written by She Reads Truth and will be taught by Debbie Stuart.

You can purchase your book here (only available from She Reads Truth).

This study will be offered on Tuesdays July 5th-19th.

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